chronology of works

  • in Belgium when no country stated
  • * in association
  • (c) competition entry
  • (r) renovation
  • (w) won competition
  • (xxxx) year of completion
1972 - 1982

1972        Built works:
-DE BACKER residence *(1975)
                -WING TABLE (1972)

                -60-STOREY high-rise WING building

                Theoretical studies:
                 structural morphology studies

1973        Built work:
-RICHIR residence (r) (1974)

-LE GROGNON, Namur *(c)
                -BEAUSOLEIL institute, Tervuren
                -DOUALA RAILWAY STATION, Cameroun *(c)
                -SOBECOOP cmmercial centre, Diegem

                Theoretical studies:
                -BELGIAN PATENT on double curvature shells with corrugated steel sheets

1974        Built work:
-NYSSENS residence (1975)

-MAELBEEK VALLEY master plan *
               -VAN WEDDINGEN apartment building, Uccle
               -CYLINDER CUBE kinetic sculpture

1975        Built works:
-ROSE, SAMYN, MARTIN, and first BOGAERT residences (1977)
               -POLICE STATION Royal Parc, Brussels (1983)*
               -SAINT AUGUSTIN CONVENT, Brussels
               (Structural engineering for Architect Ch.Van Deuren) (1976)

-NURSERY prototype buildings
               -VOKAER and VALENTIN residences

                Theoretical studies:

1976        Built works:
-ORBAN * (1978), DE RIDDER (r) (1977), first VAN GINDERDEUREN * (1977), and BOULANGER *(1979) residences
               -AEROCONDOR travel agency, Brussels (1976)
               -KOEKELBERG High School nursery (1983)*
               -Structural engineering of supports and chimneys for offshore industrial boilers (1980)

               -ROSE apartment building, Brussels
               -KOEKELBERG High School sports hall *

1977        Built works:
-second and third VAN GINDERDEUREN dwelling units *, DEGOEYSE *, ROSIER * residences (1978), and      
                four SOGERIM houses * (1979)
               -VANDEN BERGH showroom (structural engineering for Architect Ch. Van Deuren) (1977)

                -VAN DEN DRIESSCHE, DE FABRIBECKERS (r), DEHAEN, and JANSON residences
                -WATERLOO High School master plan and sport centre
                -VEEWEYDE animal nursery, Brussels

1978        Built works
                -LEUZE HIGHSCHOOL restaurant, sports hall and four classrooms (1983)*
                -8 WERISTER houses (1979), DUHOUX and second BOGAERT residences , two  AMART houses (1980)
                -FOYER LAEKENOIS 254 social housing units(r) (1983)*
                -CGER-ASLK 24 apartments, Brussels (1986)*

                -DELIM apartement bulding, Brussels (r) (c)*
                -4 houses for S.A. CONSTRUCTION
                -VAN GINDERDEUREN 3 housing units, FRUY private residence and four AMART houses

1979        Built works:
-PIRLOT, JOOSTENS (1980), and LEPARLIER (1981) residences
                -FRANCO and TURIEL apartments, Nice – France (1980)
                -GIFT PROMOTION exhibition stand (1979)
                -EUROP CENTER office building, Brussels (r) (1981)
                -UNION DES DRAPIERS shop, Kortrijk (1979)

                -VAN GINDERDEUREN 18 apartments, Aalst
                -WISSINGER, GONZE (r), SAMYN (r) DEWITTE and DARMSTAEDER (r), residences
                -FOYER LAEKENOIS 44 new housing units
                -PRION PANSIUS DOMAIN park development and 5 houses
                -WYBUNIT participation in the development of Jacques Wybauw’s system of building construction
                -NATIONAL BANK office building, Brussels (r) (c)

1980        Built works:
                -WATERLOO high school (1984)
                -CITY OF BRUSSELS 16 apartments (1983)
                -MTARA MAECHA residence, The Grand Comoros Island  (1981)*
                -SIMAK office building, Brussels (1983)*
                -CENTRE MADOU office building, Brussels (r) (1981)

                -VAN CUTSEM 5 houses and 8 apartments, Brussels

1981        Built works:
                -SIMAK 12 apartments, Brussels (1983)*
                -ABEILLE-PAIX office building, Brussels (1984)
                -ABEILLE-PAIX and STAR EUROPEAN PROPERTIES various office buildings renovations, 
                 Brussels (r) (1981 – 1990)             
                -SAMYN AND PARTNERS offices, first extension (r) (1981)
                -VAN HECKE (1983), and  PARDOU-LEYSEN (1984)  residences
                -BEAUDET dental consulting rooms (1981)
                -ATHUS secondary school (1984)
                -ETTERBEEK 43 apartments and 9 shops : structural engineering (1984)

-ALEXANDRE and SAMYN (r) residences
                -sa COTE D’OR feasibility studies

1982        Built works:
-BEULLENS and LOUVEAUX residences (1984)
                -DAL residence (1982)
                -AG SECURITAS office building, Brussels (r) (1983)
                -TRAVAUX & METALLURGIE stand Batibouw (1983)
                -BWW prototypes of steel orthotropic floor slabs (1982)
                -LEVI-STRAUSS Continental Europe Headquarters interior design, Brussels (1983)
                -SAI halogen lamp with articulated  arm (1982)

                -NIVELLES SECONDARY SCHOOL for the handicapped
                -LAPORTE residence
                -ENTREPRISES FERRET inhabitable cylindrical hall featuring metal foundations and orthotropic floor slabs with a 
                 wrapping  allowing for easy assembly and dismantling, requiring no external resources or sources of  energy. Intended for desert areas
                -LEVI-STRAUSS headquarters
                -EUROPEAN BANK for LATIN AMERICA office building, Brussels (r)
                -KATHMANN-INTERNATIONAL expertise of  chicken farms, Lybia





1983 - 1993

1983        Built works:
                -STAR EUROPEAN PROPERTIES office building, Brussels (r) (1983)
                -SB and PARTNERS offices and showroom phase 1, Brussels (r) (1983)
                -ROYALE BELGE office building, Brussels (1989)

-ABEILLE-PAIX office building, Berchem
                -NOVOTEL 100 bed hotel, Gent*

                Theoretical studies:
                -FOLDAWAY INTERNATIONAL studies for a folding and unfolding living unit
                -REYNOLDS CONSUMER studies of an aluminium and cast aluminium garden furniture line in kit form

1984        Built Works:
-MINISTRY OF PUBLIC WORKS energy renovation, Wauthier Braine (1985)
                -SB and PARTNERS phase 2, Brussels (r) (1984)
                -FARR (1986) and DEUTEKOM (1985) residences and 4 SOGERIM (1984) houses
                -COBEMABEL offices and showroom, Brussels (r) (1984) 
                -ABEILLE-PAIX office building, Brussels (r) (1986)
                -IN WEAR 4 shops, Aywaille, Brussels, Liege, Ostend (1986)
                -SAMYN AND PARTNERS second office extension, Brussels (1984)
                -ASSURANCE LIEGEOISE technical and building survey, Brussels (1985)
                -CIG interior design, Brussels (1984)
                -STATE of SOUTH CAROLINA European offices interior design, Brussels (1985)
                -AIM COLONIA interior design, Brussels(1985)

                -BERNHEIM-OUTREMER industrial buildings
                -AG old warehouse Vanden Borre, Brussels (r)
                -MODRZEWSKI offices and showroom, Leuven (r)
                -LEVI’S JEANS exhibition
                -CIG administrative complex, Brussels

1985        Built Works:
                -MENDEZ TRANSLATIONS office buildings, Brussels (r) (1985)
                -RTS EUROPE interior design, Brussels (1985)
                -CITIBANK computer processing centre, Nossegem (1986)
                -BISQUERET-RAMMER residence (1986)
                -GARDY S.A. office building, Brussels (r) (1987)*
                -CIMENTS D’OBOURG landscaping and interior design, Obourg (1986)
                -DESIGN BOARD design studio, Brussels (1989)
                -ZURICH-VITA office building, Brussels (r) (1986)
                -VILLEBREQUIN-EXSABER 3 shops, Saint-Tropez France (1985)

-RENAULT INDUSTRIE car plant, Vilvoorde (r) (c)
                -ABEILLE-PAIX offices and apartments, Brussels
                -VAN DER MEERSH residence
                -ENSAAV-LA CAMBRE architectural degree project
                -FLT CONTRACTORS 54 housing units, Brussels
                -BIOLUX office building, Diegem (r)
                -ARCO CHEMICALS office building, Brussels (r)

                Theoretical studies:
                -MINISTRY OF PUBLIC WORKS, participation in the drawing up of the energy register for the Belgian state properties
                -D.V. FLUOR study of lighting devices

1986        Built works:
-OBCE-BDBH fair stand, Luxembourg (1986)
                -SHELL RESEARCH CENTRE chemical research centre phase 1, Louvain-la-Neuve (1988)
                -MINISTRY OF PUBLIC WORKS, Mons Lawcourt, diagnosis and energy renovation (1987)
                -DUPUIS printing factory (1987)
                -FORIERS (r) and SAMYN (r) residences (1987)

-OBCE-BDBH fair stand (c)
                -BRUCKER SPECTROSPIN office building and laboratories, Brussels
                -GB-INNO-BM renovation of the “Au Bon Marché” general store, Brussels
                -BELGIAN AIRPORT CONSULTANTS (BEAC), Luqua airport – Malta (c)
                -FAMIBANK office building, Brussels

1987        Built works
                -OBCE-BDBH fair stands, Luxembourg (1987), Madrid – Spain (1988)
                -COLEN stand Batibouw, Brussels (1987)
                -MINISTRY OF PUBLIC WORKS energy renovation of various state properties (1990)
                -URBAINE-UAP office and apartment building, Roeselaere (1990)
                -RIVENDELL PROPERTIES office building, Brussels (1989)*
                -RENOVATION MAINTENANCE office building and industrial hall, Wavre (1988)
                -THOMPSON AIRCRAFT TIRE CORPORATION office building, Frameries (1991)
                -GENERALE DE BANQUE office building, Brussels (r) (1988)
                -ANTOINE residence (r – partial) (1989)

                -RUE DE LA LOI-WETSTRAAT landscaping, Brussels
                -DELHAIZE supermarket, Brussels
                -CIG office building, Brussels
                -BONNEWIJN STOCKBROKERS townhouse renovation, Brussels (r)
                -L’ASSURANCE LIEGEOISE office building, Brussels (r)
                -BANQUE BRUXELLES LAMBERT, “Marnix” headquarters, Brussels (c)
                -AG GROUP massing plan and office buildings, Brussels
                -SOLVAY central chemical research centre, Brussels
                -CITYMO office building, “City 2”, Brussels

1988        Built Works:
                -SB and PARTNERS phase 3, Brussels (r) (1990)
                -CARBONELLE (r) (1990) and G. SAMYN (1989) residences (r) 
                -OLIVETTI office building, Brussels (r) (1988)
                -CIMENTS D’OBOURG head office interior design, Brussels (1988)
                -FINA RESEARCH-PETROFINA cable stayed bridge and research centre, Feluy (w) (1991)
                -BOULANGER office building, Waterloo (1990)
                -SINT LUKAS ARCHIEF-GENERALE BANK exhibition (1989)
                -BRUVERD office building and warehouse, Diegem (1991)
                -OBCE-BDBH stand, Barcelona-Spain (1989)
                -GEPATIM office building, Brussels (r) (1989)

               -HAFERKAMP (r), FRERE (r), WEISS (r),  and FUNCK residences
                -AEROPORTOS E NAVEGACAO AEREA (ANA) airport, Punta Delgada-Sao Miguel – Azores(c)
                -SIGMART beach cubicle (c)
                -MORGAN GUARANTY TRUST COMPANY of NEW YORK, Euro-Clear Operation Centre, Brussels (c)
                -CATERPILLAR auditorium, Gosselies
                -Mc KINSEY “Hôtel Copee”, Brussels (r)
                -CITY CENTRE-AG GROUP offices, housing and retail complex, Brussels (r)
                -SHELL BELGIUM office building, Brussels (r)

1989        Built works
-DUPONT DE NEMOURS showroom, Heist-op-den-Berg (1989)
                -BLANCO (1990) and SIMONIS (r) (1991) residences
                -GENERALE DE BANQUE office building, Brussels (r) (1989)
                -M & G RESEARCH research  centre, Venafro Italy (1991)
                -SIDMAR-ARBED-ALZ OCAS research centre, Gent (1991)
                -DONNAY-JANSSENS three apartments, Brussels (r) (1990)
                -BRUSSIMMO office building, Brussels (1993)
                -AUTOMATIC SYSTEM lifting barriers for cars (1992)
                -PATRIMSA 8 apartments, Brussels (r) (1990)
                -IMMOBILIERE LOUIS DE WAELE Triomphe I     office building, Brussels (1998)
                -BRUSSELS UNIVERSITY animal facility (1991)
                -TEROTECHNOLOGIE factory, Brussels (1990)
                -VITA-ZURICH office building, Brussels (r) (1992)

                – Projects: 
                -UNION CHIMIQUE BELGE (UCB) office building, Brussels
                -GONTHIER garden centre, Wanze
                -ZURICH GROUP office building, Brussels (r)
                -EUROPEAN PAVILLON, Sevilla-Spain (c)
                -VIDEOSCOPE office building, Brussels (r)
                -EUREAL housing complex, Brussels
                -VITA-ZURICH office building, Brussels (r) (c)
                -KREDIETBANK headquarters, Brussels (c)
                -SONELEC water tower and national monument, Nouakchott-Islamic Republic of  Mauritania

1990        Built works:
                -SHELL RESEARCH CENTRE  phase 2 (1991),  phase 3 (1992), Louvain-la-Neuve
                -GENERALE DE BANQUE auditorium Madou, Brussels (1990)
                -ABEILLE-PAIX office building, Brussels (r) (1991)

                -OBCE-BDBH stand Telecom (c)
                -REPUBLIC of FRANCE, “Espace Moselle”, Brussels (r) (c) 
                -4 BROTHERS interior design, Brussels
                -WANSON site planning, Diegem

                Theoretical studies:
-FRACTALS, fractals of regular polygons and their projections on curved surfaces of positive and negative
                 Gaussian curvature, fractals of regular polyhedra

1991        Built works:
-PORTAL workshops, Lessines (r) (1991)
                -PETROFINA guest-residence I, Seneffe (r) (1992)
                -PATRIMSA 4  apartments, Brussels (r) (1991)
                -NISSAN European  technology centre phase 1,  Louvain-la-Neuve (1992)
                -CITIBANK 55 branch offices, Belgium (1993)
                -BERHEIM-OUTREMER “Crystal” office building, Brussels (1998)
                -PORTAL EUROPE interior design, Brussels (1991)
                -STASSART farmhouse – new Samyn and Partners offices, Brussels (r) (1993)

                -ASTRA GROUP commercial development, Djakarta-Indonesia
                -VVV WESTVLAAMSE BERGEN museum, Dranouter
                -FOURCROY-STORK, industrial real-estate development, Brussels
                -NARA CONVENTION HALL, Japan (c)
                -BELGIAN ARMY office building and warehouses, Florennes
                -REPUBLIC of FRANCE, “Espace Poitou Charentes”, Brussels (r) (w)
                -ADVANCED ELASTOMER SYSTEMS research centre, Louvain-la-Neuve

                Theoretical study:
                -HARMONIC STRUCTURES

1992        Built works:
                – NISSAN phase 2, Louvain-la-Neuve (1994)
                -BRUSSELS UNIVERSITY auditorium (1993)
                -BRUSSELS UNIVERSITY campus square (1994)
                -PATRIMSA 2 apartments, Brussels (r) (1993)
                -DHERTE residence (1996)
                -EFTA-AELE Brussimmo building interior design (1992)
                -SIEMENS E.G. interior design, Brussels (1993)
                -WALLOON BRANCH of FORESTRY REPRODUCTION MATERIAL research centre, Marche-en-Famenne (1995)

-SIEMENS headquarters and urban master plan, Brussels
                -ALFA ROMEO exhibition area and offices, Waterloo (r)
                -TREMA GROUP mixed-use development, Mechelen
                -ALL-RUIGH bridge, Scotland (c)
                -PRO-JET joinery, Braine-le-Château 
                -BLOOMERS HOLE LECHLADE pedestrian bridge, England (c)

1993        Built works:
                -BACOB banking branch and 4 apartments, Overijse (1997)
                -DUPUIS PUBLISHING headquarters, Marcinelle (1995)*
                -CLINIQUE PSYCHIATRIQUE SANS-SOUCI hospital  phase 1, Brussels (1995)
                -PATRIMSA townhouse, Brussels (r) (1993)
                -THE SQUARE CIRCLE sculpture, Louvain-la- Neuve (1994)
                -BRUSSELS LAWYERS’BAR ASSOCIATION interior design (1994)
                -GEMBLOUX AGRONOMIC FACULTY auditorium (r) (w) (1996)
                -VAN DE PUT residence (r) (1995)
                -MERK SHARP & DOME interior design, Brussels (1994), Amsterdam-Netherlands (1994)
                -‘T HOOFD SEGHERS ENGINEERING office building, phase 1, Kleine Willebroeck (r) (1997)

                -ORDRE DES DOMINICAINS church, convent, apartments, Brussels (r)
                -NEANDERTHAL museum, Erkrath-Germany (c)
                -OFFICE PUBLIC D’AMENAGEMENT ET DE CONSTRUCTION 80 residences, Amiens France (c).
                -CREOF apartments, shops and office building, Deinze
                -SMITHKLINE BEECHAM headquarters I, Rixensart (c)
                -INTERCOMMUNALE DU BRABANT WALLON master plan and office buildings, Wavre
                -SPONDA OY Centre International Rogier (Martini) Tower, Brussels (r) *
                -LION farmhouse (r)
                -ARAUCO bridge, Santiago-Chile
                -ENTEL headquarters, Santiago-Chile (c)





1994 - 2004

1994        Built works:
-BRUGMANN UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL phase 1, Brussels  (w) (2003)*
                -PETROFINA restaurant, Brussels (1995)
                -FINA EUROPE service stations, Wanlin (1995)
                -FORIER, DAL and PATRIMSA residences (r) (1995)
                -SMITHKLINE BEECHAM bio-pharmacologica research centre, Rixensart (w) (1999)
                -CNP-NPM  headquarters, Gerpinnes (1997)
                -BANQUE BRUXELLES LAMBERT “Marnix 3” office building, Brussels (r) (1995)

                -IPEO master plan and office buildings, Zaventem (c)
                -SMITHKLINE BEECHAM master planning and landscaping, Rixensart
                -DE CLOEDT master planning, Knokke

1995        Built works:
                -ERASMUS metro station, Brussels (2003)
                -PATRIMSA 3 apartments, Bussels (r) (1995)
                -CHATEAU DE SENEFFE “orangerie” (r) (2000)
                -BRUSSELS EXHIBITION CENTRE visitor centre (1999)
                -MULLIEZ residence (r) (1995)
                -SWITEL hotel, Antwerp (r) (1997)
                -SMITHKLINE BEECHAM landscaped parking lot, Rixensart (1996)

                -UNION CHIMIQUE BELGE headquarters, Brussels (c)
                -FINA EUROPE “Fina 2010” service stations
                -LE CRACHET scientific and technical forum, Frameries (c)
                -DIERICK, VAN LOOVEREN & Co office building, Antwerp

1996        Built works:
                -CLINIQUE PSYCHIATRIQUE SANS SOUCI Hospital phase 2 Brussels (2002) 
                -AULA MAGNA, Louvain-la-Neuve (2001)
                -SMITHKLINE BEECHAM oval car park, Rixensart (2000)
                -CERTECH research centre, Seneffe (1997)
                -JAPANESE AMBASSY ambassador’s residence, Luxembourg (r) (1997)
                -PETROFINA guest-residence II, Seneffe (r) (1996)

                -LOUVAIN-LA-NEUVE western part of the city master plan
                -ERASMUS HOSPITAL landscaping, Brussels (c)
                -FINA EUROPE service stations (r)
                -TWO ALICE hospital, Brussels (r)
                -SMITHKLINE BEECHAM BIOLOGICAL, headquarters II, Rixensart (c)
                -BAGECI office building, Marloie (c)
                -FINA EUROPE, Uccle and Louvain-La-Neuve service stations

1997          Built works:
-ALBEMARLE research centre, Louvain-la-Neuve (1998)
                -PATRIMSA town house, Brussels (r) (1997)
                -SEGHERS manor, Malderen (r) (1999)
                -LEVI STRAUSS EUROPE interior design (1998)
                -PROCTOR AND GAMBLE office building, Strombeek Bever (r) (1999)
                -PATRIMSA offices and apartments, Brussels (r) (2000)
                -FINA service station, Houten- Netherlands (1999)

                -‘T HOOFD SEGHERS ENGINEERING office building  phase 2, Kleine Willebroek
                -CAISSE CONGE DU BATIMENT office building, Brussels (r) (c)
                -SEGHERS ENGINEERING master planning, Kleine Willebroeck
                -UNIVERSITY OF LIEGE car park
                -DUMONT office building, Brussels
                -CITY OF BRUSSELS sports club
                -WILHEM & CO 14 cinemas, Louvain-la-Neuve
                -PROCTER AND GAMBLE master planning and visitor centre, Strombeek Bever
                -HALLEN KORTRIJK business centre (c)
                -INP-INSTITUTO DE NORMALIZACION PREVISIONAL new headquarters, Santiago-Chile (c)

1998        Built works:
                -POLICE STATION, Brussels (r) (2000)
                -FINA EUROPE highway service stations and restaurant, Orival (w) (2001)           
                -THE SITE office building, Evere (2000)
                -FIRE STATION, Houten-Netherlands (2000)
                -INR-NIR concert halls and office building, Brussels (r) (2002)*
                -COMPAGNIE IMMOBILIERE DE WALLONIE office building phase I, Nivelles (2001)
                -LCEBE office building, Brussels (r) (2000)

-TOUR CENTRALE office building, Brussels (c)
                -SMITHKLINE BEECHAM BIOLOGICAL, headquarters III, Rixensart (c)
                -FINA EUROPE service stations restaurant and 80 bed hotel, Froyennes (c)
                -INSTITUTE FOR CELLULAR PATHOLOGY auditorium and library, UCL Brussels
                -CANAL PROPERTIES office building, Gent
                -FINA RESEARCH access control building, Feluy
                -ENTE IDROCARBURI NAZIONALE (ENI), Rome Italy (c)
                -UNIVERSITY of LOUVAIN museum, Louvain-la-Neuve
                -CODENS shelter
                -TMB warehouse and office building 
                -SIBIX office building (r)

                Theoretical study:
-INTERNALLY STAYED BRIDGE proposal for a 45m span pedestrian bridge as a first application 
                of the theoretical research on  harmonic structures and internally stayed trusses + patent

1999        Built work:
                -TOTALFINA highway service stations and restaurant, Hellebecq (w) (2002)
                -NMBS Train Station, Leuven (w)(2007)
                -MILEIKOWSKY residence (2007)

                -COPIAPO city bridge, Chile
                -KINEPOLIS cinema complex, Brussels (r)
                -CEI construct office building, Brussels (c)
                -KINEPOLIS design consulting, Madrid-Spain
                -FABRICOM windmill masts
                -SPORT ET NATURE shopping venues, Paris-France
                -KUL office park, Leuven (c)
                -Marconi Medical varia
                -ASI office building, Rome-Italy (c)

                Theoretical study:
                -Ph.D.Thesis of Ph Samyn (the Volume and Displacement Indicators)
                -European Patent on the wind mill masts

2000        Built works:
                -BRUGMANN UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL phase 2 (2004), phase3 (2003), Brussels (r) *
                -BBC Centre International Rogier Tower, Brussels* now DEXIA TOWER (2006)
                -TIBERGHIEN interior design, Brussels (2000)
                -BRUSSELS and SCHAERBEEK hospitals varia (2002)
                -IRSA SCHOOL varia (2002)
                -JAN DENUL  Headquarters, Aalts (2005)
                -CARESTER RESTAURANT interior design, Nivelles (2001)
                -ERASMUS Hoogschool college, Brussels (r) (w) (2005)   

                Projects :
     -COMPAGNIE IMMOBILIERE DE WALLONIE office building phase II, Nivelles
                -DELHAIZE Prototype Supermarket 
                -KORTRIJK HOSPITAL (c).
                -DEPRET residence
                -PHL auditorium, Hasselt (c)
                -TOTALFINA highway service station and restaurant, Manekensvere (c).
                -BBL office building master plan, Brussels
                -EUROFER office building, Brussels (r)
                -DEURNE airport master plan and new passenger terminal (c)

2001        Built works:
                -BRUGMANN UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL phase 4 (2002), phase 6 (r) (2008), phase7 (r) (2004), Brussels *
                -AZ VUB HOSPITAL offices, laboratories and     medical facilities, Brussels (2007)
                -CPAS-OCMW Brussels, social antenna and   child-care unit (w) (2007)
                -PATRIMSA town house (r) (2001)
                -BRUSSELS SOCIAL HOUSING AGENCY, 150 housing units (r) (w) (2012)
                -VRT regional centres, Hasselt & Kortrijk (2003)*

               Projects :
-DELHAIZE cool storage warehouse, Zellik
                -HOME FOR THE ELDERLY, Neder-Over-Heembeeck (c)
                -AZ-VUB HOSPITAL master plan, Brussels
                -GLAXO-SMITHKLINE BEECHAM auditorium, Rixensart
                -LOZE residence, facade (r)
                -TOTALFINA ELF, highway service stations, first project, Thieux
                -VLAAMSE ADMINISTRATIEF CENTRUM (VAC) office building, Leuven (c)
                -CITY OF LEUVEN pedestrian bridge, Leuven
                -TORINO CITY pedestrian bridge on the Po-Italy (c)
                -MONET CENTER office building, Louvain-la-Neuve
                -BRUSSELS SOCIAL HOUSING AGENCY, 401 housing units (r) (c)
                -TOTALFINA service station Arsenal, Brussels
                -ENEL windmills, Cinisi and Pescopagani-Italy (c)
                -ALDEN BIEZEN Castle, court roof (c)
                -SECURA Montoyer office building, Brussels (r)
                -NATO Headquaters, Brussels  (c)*

               Theoretical study:
-Morphological Volume and displacement Indicators,
                research program funded by the Brussels Region (2001-2002, extended 2003-2004).

2002          Built works:
                -BRUGMANN UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL phase 5, (2006) (r),  phase 9, (2008), Brussels*
                -CLINIQUE PSYCHIATRIQUE SANS SOUCI hospital, phase 3, Brussels (2007)
                -SIBELGAZ Cogeneration plant, Brussels University (2002)
                -TOTALFINA highway service station and restaurant, Minderhout (w) (2004)
                -SNEPKAAI Bridges (2006) (2008)

               Projects :
-MENEN city hall (c)
                -FORUM VOOR MUZIEK DANS en BEELDENDE KUNST, Gent (c)
                -SIBELGAZ Cogeneration plant, St Luc Hospital, Brussels
                -KBC VERZEKERINGEN Headquarters, Leuven
                -VROENHOVEN Bridge (c)
                -IRSA 30 housing unit for handicaped, Brussels
                -CHAPEL at Conception, Chile
                -ENGSTRÖM House, Göteborg, Sweden         

2003       Built works:
                -FEDERAL POLICE OFFICES interior design, Nivelles (2004)
                -BRUSSELS PORT AUTHORITY signage (2004)
                -ENSCHEDE fire station, Netherlands (w)(2007)
                -BLONDEL houses, Sint Genesius Rode (r) (2004)

               Projects :
-Redevelopment of the VIADUC on Brussels ringroad, Vilvoorde
                -FUNDO SAN MIGUEL, masterplan, Chile
                -L’INTEGRALE office building, Liège (c)
                -KHBO college, Brugge (c)*
                -EUROPEAN CENTRAL BANK, Frankfurt-Germany (c)
                -SOTER office building, Liège
                -CLABECQ former steelmils masterplan
                -DE BOERENKREEK Sport and leisure center, St. Laureins (c)
                -PARC DE L’ALLIANCE office building, Braine-l’Alleud (c)
                -ROTTERDAM central train station and urban development, Netherlands (c)
                -TOTAL highway A36 service stations, Ecot -France (c)
                -FONDATION MAJERUS, Brussels (r)
                -AUTORITA PORTUALE di VENEZIA office buildings, commercial spaces and
 swimming pool, Porto Marghera, Italy (c)
                -BRUSSELS RING Road acoustical screens (c)
                -K U Leuven, psychiatric hospital wing (c)
                -WATERMAEL/WATERMAAL Nursery (w)
                -BRUSSELS PORT AUTHORITY, Sailing school (c)
                -EDEGEM firestation (c)
                -ECONESA shelter, Nassogne
                -SEM, office building, Brussels      

2004       In progress:
                -BRUGMANN UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL phases  10, 11, Brussels *

               Built works:
-BRUGMANN UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL, phases 8 (2009) (r), 12 (2005) (r), Brussels *
                -SPAARLAKEN apartements and shops, Brussels (r) (2007)
                -TEA & EAT interior design (2005)
                -LOMMEL glasmuseum (w) (2007)
                -IZEGEM culturel centre (w) (2009)
                -CLE 25 apartements, Kirchberg-Luxem-bourg (w)* (2008)
                -SORELOBO 206 housing units , Cuesmes (r) (w)(2007)
-LE LOGIS TOURNAISIEN 75 houses (r) (w) (2007)
                -PARC DE L’ALLIANCE office building, Braine-l’Alleud (c)
                -SEM office building, Brussels (r) (w) (2009)

                 Projects :
-MARCY mixed use development, Brussels (r)
                -ROSMALEN culturel centre,Netherlands(r)(c)
                -TELESIS industrial building, Ans
                -FOURTH EUROPEAN SCHOOL, Brussels (c)*
                -BRUSSELS SUBWAY entries (c)
                -WALLOON-BRUSSELS  COMMUNITY  art warehouse (r) (c)
                -RALET, residence (r)
                -FLANDERS HIGWAYS, service stations conceptual design*
                -KU LEUVEN laboratories, Arenberg Campus (c)
                -LESTABEL, residence (r)
                -T’GALERIJTJE apartements and shop (r)
                -BRUSSELS SOCIAL HOUSING AGENCY 35 housing units (c)
                -TELESIS business park, Bierset
                -KU LEUVEN 220 student housing units, Aremberg Campus (c)
                -FLANDERS HIGHWAY, toilet facilities (c)
-MEEUS, 6 apartements, Brussels
                -IXELLES/ELSENE utility building (c)
                -ZURSTRASSEN artist studio, Brussels (r)
                -HOOFDDORP culturel centre, Netherlands (c)





2005 - 2015

2005    Built works:
-BRUGMANN UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL, phases 13 (2008), 14 (2011), Brussels
                -EUROPEAN Council Headquarters, Brussels (w) * (2016)
                -BOUDEWIJNLAAN Apartment, De Haan (2005) (r)
                -OCAS research centre, extension (2006)
                -BWW prototypes of steel orthotropic floor slabs (1982)
                -TOTAL highway Service Stations and restaurant, Spy (w) (2008)        

                -MONTGOMERY Subway Station, Brussels (c)
                -House at Praia do Forte, Bahia, Brazil
                -SOCIAL HOUSING AUTHORITY, Mons, 250 housing units (c)             
                -AEROFORM, Hyperbaric installation (c)
                -EUROSHOPING, 150 Houssing units, Mechelen (w) – unbuild
                -GLAXO SMITHKLINE, Parking, Rixensart (c)
                -BETHESDA, In house swimming pool
                -STAVELOT, cultural centre (c)
                -AUTONOOM GEMEENTEBEDRIJF, Industrial building, Leuven (c)         
                -EU RESEARCH CENTER, Ispra, Italy (c)
                -DUVAL LEROY, winery in Champagne, Vertus, France.

2006     Built works:
-BRUGMANN UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL, phases 16 (2010), (r), Brussels
                –COLLEGE TOREN, Apartment Tower, Kortrijk (w) (2018)
                -TOTAL highway service stations with restaurants (2009) and hotel (2011), Ruysbroeck (w)
-SOLVAY, IKRA project, Niznhy Novgorod, Russia (2015)
                -IDELUX EUROSPACE CENTRE and GALAXIA business and research center, Libin Transine (2009)
                -Seghers castle, interior design of Service buildings, Malderen
-LAEKEN SOCIAL HOUSING, social club and garden, Laeken (w) (2011)
                -Dolhouse, Les petits riens – Spillenhulp    

-TOTAL highway service stations with restaurants and hotel, Thieu, second project (c)
-LIVING STEEL, Housing project, Calcutta, India (c)
                -NSA, Underwater hockey, transparent pool
                -EFSA, European Food and Security Administration, Parma, Italy (c)
-PUURS, firestation (c)
                -MONS trainstation (c)
                -KAJIMA MITSUI FUDOSAN, Belgian Ambassy Compound, Tokyo (c)
-LAEKEN SOCIAL HOUSING, social club and garden, Laeken (w) (2011)
                -BELVAL, school complex, Luxemburg (c)

2007      Built Works:
-PRINCESS ASTRID base, Antartica (2008)
                -HOUSE for the ELDERLY, Sint-Genesius-Rode (w) (2015)

                -NAMUR Law Court (c)
                -DINANT Law Court and Ministry of Finance (c)
                -NEW PARLIAMENT, Tirana, Albania (c)
                -RENOTTE, 2 houses, Fernelmont
                -GLAXO-SMITHKLINE bio-pharmacological research centre, extension. Rixensart
-CAMPIDOGLIO DUE, Roma, Italy (c)
                -HORIZON Tower, Brussels
                -GLAXO-SMITHKLINE, 2800car parking (w)
                -HUBERT, 2 houses, Sint-Genesius-Rode
                -BORDET HOSPITAL, Anderlecht (c) *
                -SIGNAL TOWER, La Defense, Paris (c)
                -CULTURAL CENTRE, Ieper (c)
                -HEC BUSINESS SCHOOL, Jouy-en-Josas, France (c)

2008      In progress:           
                -CLINIQUE PSYCHIATRIQUE SANS SOUCI Hospital, phase 4, Brussels
                -SCHOOL of ARCHITECTURE, Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo
                -ZNA, Middelheim hospital (w)
                -RFI, Rete Ferroviaria Italiana, Stazione Vesuvio Est, Napoli, Italy (w)

-HAVILAND, housing compounds, 80 houses, Halle
                -Pedestrian Bridge Fransman, Brussels (c)
                -SPX COOLING TECHNOLOGIES, new structural systems for aero-condensers
                -MATTHYS house, Gent
                -CHATEAU CHEVAL-BLANC, winery at Saint-Emilion (c)
                -TREBLA INVEST, office buildings, Louvain-la-Neuve
                -CPAS-OCMW Brussels, 330 houses, Neder-over-Hembeek (c)
-TOTAL highway service stations, Saint-Ghislain (c)
                -SFAR, 198 appartments, Brussels (w)
                -TOTAL highway service stations, Wetteren

2009       In progress:
                -Erik Salvesen, artist atelier, Ekenâs –   Tammisaari, Finland
                -ICIBARE Cultural centre, Ngozi, Burundi
                -BRUSSELS UNIVERSITY, Faculty of applied sciences, Brussels (w)
                -BRUSSELS UNIVERSITY, masterplan of “La PLAINE” campus, Brussels (w)
                -Jan DE NUL, second office building Aalst.

                Built works:
                -COUP de POUCE, social compound, Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo (2011)
                -MANNERIEHOF, Merlscheid (2012)

               -BELGIAN GOVERNMENT : Belgian pavilion at Shanghai 2010 world fair, China (c)
                -CITY of BRUSSELS, nursery (c)
                -IDELUX, museum at Mardasson memorial Bastogne (c)
                -IBW, office building, Louvain-la-Neuve (c)
                -CARAVANSERAIL du ZERHOUN, Moulaï Idriss, Marocco
                -CFE, two hotels façades, Oran, Algeria (c)
                -Cercle de garnison, la Palmeraie, Oran, Algérie (c)
               -WALLOON REGION; textile hotel, at L’eau d’heure
                -TOTAL highway service stations, Minder-hout (c)
                -HOSPITAL CHC, façade design, Liege (c)
                -House for the ELDERLY, Vilvoorde (c)
                -VERBEKE FOUNDATION, pavillon, Kemseke Stekene
                -CHARLEROI, firestation (c)
                -SMEDENPOORT, bridges, Brugge (c)   

2010       Built Works:
                -LUJIAZHI CULTURAL CREATIVITY GARDEN, Zhoushan, China (2016)
                -AGC (Asahi Glass Corporation) EUROPE, new headquarters, Louvain-la-Neuve (w)* (2013)

               -EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, European history house, Brussels (c)
                -CITY of GENT, Parkbos bridges (c)
                -TOUR et TAXIS, housing (c)
                -EUROPEAN COMMISSION, Jean Monnet et building, Kirchberg, Luxembourg (c)
                -SANEF, highway toll gates, A1 highway, Chamant&Fresnes-les-Montauban, France(c)
                -Housing, nursery, youth center and public parking, Mechelen (c)
                -MONS, Congres center (c)

2011        Built works
-HUBERT’s house, Sint-Genesius-Rode (2012)   

                – Projects: 
                -AALST, Crematorium (c)
                -PROVINCIEHUIS, Gent (c)
                -NATIONAL BANK, Awning, Brussels (c)
                -SCHOLEN VAN MORGEN schoolcompound Peer (c)
                -ALIBABA Heaquarters, Shenzen, China (c)
                -CAIRO’s ZABBALEEN, church, Cairo, Egypt
                -OFFICE BUILDING, Landscaping, Louvain-la-Neuve
                -ISSOL factory, Verviers

2012       Projects:
                -AG REAL ESTATE, 161 housing units, Brussels (c)
                -VAN GINDERDEUREN,15 houses Brussels (c)
                -SCHOLEN VAN MORGEN, schoolcompound, Kortrijk (c)
                -BRUTELE-VOO operation centre Gosselies(c)
                -CENAERO-CETIC, offices, Gosselies (c)
                -BELVAL sport centre, Belvaux, Luxembourg (c)
                -SHENZHEN office buildings, Shenzhen, China (c)
-JAN PORTAELS hospital, Vilvoorde (c)
-ELIAS electrical transformers, Zeebrugge(c)

2013       Built works:
-CHARLEROI firestation, (w) (2016)

                -BNP PARIBAS Fortis, headquarters, Brussels(c)
                -CHARLEROI, great hospital, Gilly (c)
                -TINELSITE 80 housing units, Mechelen (c)
                -MONTECCHIO MAGGIORE hospital, Vicence, Italy (c)
                -CENTRAL CITY ADMINISTRATION offices, Etterbeek (c)

2014     In progress:
                -BELIRIS 30 housing units, Schaerbeek (r)(w)

-BELGIAN GOVERNMENT, Belgian pavillon at Milano 2015 world fair, Italy (c)
                -GUGGENHEIM museum, Helsinki, Finland (c)
                -VEUVE CLIQUOT, winery, Reims, France (c)
                -MARIE CURIE, hospital extension, Charleroi(c)

2015   In progress:
                – BRUGMANN UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL, phase 18, Brussels *
                – MILEIKOWSKY’s house, Kipiadis, Paxos island, Greece
                – PROVINCE DE NAMUR, theater ant cultural centre, Namur  (c)(w)
                – ESA, office building, Redu (w) 

                -SEM, offices building (r)
                – SOCIETE DU GRAND PARIS, subwaystation, Nanterre, Paris, France (c)
                – KUL, faculty of chemistry, campus Arenberg, Leuven (c)
                – EUROPEAN UNION COUNCIL & COMMISSION  esplanade on Wetstraat/rue de la Loi, Brussels
                – L’HABITATION MODERNE, 40 housing units, Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe–st-Lambert (c)
                – CENTRAL CITY ADMINISTRATION, offices, Uccle-Ukkel (c)
                – VILLE DE NAMUR, Landscaping, Le Grognon, Namur (c)     


  Document E22-01-04 / 2018-10-31






In progress:
                – TPALM, 150 appartments, Place des Maronniers, Liège *
                – ANDROMEDA, Antarctica base

                Les villas de Ganshoren, Façade renovation of a 13 stories appartment building (c)
                SOCIETE DU GRAND PARIS, Subway station, Rosny-bois-Perrier, Paris, France (c)

In progress:
                MATUVU SQUARE, parking and arrangement of the Albertplein, Knokke-Heist (w)
                THE ARCTIC CIRCLE THEATER, cultural centre, Rovaniemi (Finland)
                ADMINISTRATIVE CENTRE of the Province of Namur (w)
                – HOUSE IN THE FLEMISH FIELDS, private housing
                – POLICE BARRACKS, De Witte De Halen, Etterbeek (w)
                Sketch of a steel tent for a multipurpose PUBLIC SPACE, Avilés (Spain)

                – SPORTS HALL, Solbosch ULB campus, Brussels (c)
                – ‘MAISON DES LANGUES’ (UCL-FOREM), university building, Louvain-la-Neuve (c)
                – Haute-Meuse POLICE HEADQUARTERS, Dinant (c)
                – LANGBLOKKEN, 689 apartments, Antwerp (c)

In progress:
                – CASH CENTRE, Belgian National Bank, Brussels (w)

                – BARILLA PAVILION, Pedrignano, Italy (c)
                – BRACOPS HOSPITAL, Brussels (c)

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