Avenue Bel Horizon, Rhode-St-Genèse, Belgium
50°40’53,79” N, 4°23’33,35”E

300 sqm; 2011-2014; (01/584)

Services Performed:
  • Landscaping
  • Architecture
  • Interior fit-out
  • Structural engineering
  • Building services engineering
  • Project management

The Avenue Bel Horizon, typical of a number of residential districts located in the surroundings of Brussels, is bordered by houses, some isolated, some in small groups, arranged in narrow and deep plots.  The one that interests us is no exception to the rule: 20 m wide along the road (to the North) and 73 m deep, with a building area limited to 11 m in width and 15 m in depth, 6 m away from the road. The construction is fully in wood from the Black Forest, Germany. The internal structure is in Scots pine, with the frames in Larch and the panelling in Douglas. The outline of the house is a perfect rectangle of 3/4 proportions, but results from a complex geometrical elaboration, based on two overlapping frames.  A first frame, built on a square module of 90 cm, follows the building limits and guides, in the façade, the installation of the section of wooden columns of 80 mm on the side.  A second frame, strictly oriented according to the four compass points, forms an angle of 14° with the first (i.e. a right-angled triangle of 1/4 proportions) and defines the blueprint of the partitioning walls. In addition, the whole is doubly symmetrical according to the median axes of the rectangle. A strict modulation also governs the vertical development of the construction.  The floor height of 270 cm is divided up into 32 sub-modules of 8.4375 cm, which punctuate the sections, elevations and boards of the façade. The steps of the stairs have a height of two sub-modules, i.e. 16.875 cm. The internal distribution is organised around two double height spaces, of trapezoidal and symmetrical outline one compared to the other:  the entrance hall to the North and the winter garden to the South.  Each contains a staircase that leads to four bedrooms, with their bathrooms, and to the secondary buffer areas.

300 sqm; 2011-2014; (01/584).


Architecture and Engineering:
Philippe SAMYN and PARTNERS All projects are designed by Philippe Samyn who also supervises every drawing

Structural Engineering:
Philippe SAMYN and PARTNERS with SETESCO (sister company 1986-2006) or INGENIEURSBUREAU MEIJER (sister company 2007-2015) if not mentioned

Services engineering:
with FTI (sister company since 1989)
if not mentioned

Client: Monsieur Alain HUBERT

Design Partner : Philippe SAMYN
Administrative Partners : Ghislain ANDRÉ and Jacques CEYSSENS
Associates : Karim AMMOR, Ambroise CREVECOEUR
Building services : Philippe SAMYN and PARTNERS sprl, architects & engineers
Structural designer : Philippe SAMYN and PARTNERS sprl, architects & engineers

Topographical survey:
De Ceuster & Associés
Bernard DESMEDT, département topographie
Dir. tel : +32. 2 386 04 75 GSM : +32 495 400 452
E-mail : desmedt.bernard@skynet.be

Main contractor:
Prefalux s.a.
Pascal LECOQ
Rue de la Gare, 6
L – 6117 Junglinster
Tel : +352 789 511 561 Fax : +352 789 247 561
E-mail : info@prefalux.lu


© Photos: Marie-Françoise PLISSART
© Photos models: Karim AMMOR
© Photos: Quentin OLBRECHTS for Philippe SAMYN and PARTNERS


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