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Philippe SAMYN and PARTNERS, founded in 1980, is a private company owned by its partners and led by its Design Partner Dr Ir Philippe SAMYN. With its affiliated companies FTI (founded in 1985), DAE (founded in 1994) and AirSR (founded in 2003), it is active in all fields of architecture and building engineering. Philippe Samyn’s architectural and engineering design approach is based on questioning, which can be summarised as a “why” methodology inspired by the client aspiration and the genius loci. The firm approaches projects openly to all sorts of possibilities whilst listening closely to its client demands. Its projects are often published in the international specialised press and filmed (1292 publications and 158 footages as of 2017-06-16).

Professional services:

The firm’s client services include Planning and Programming, Urban Planning, Landscaping and Architectural Design, Interior Design, Building Physics, MEP and Structural Engineering, Project and Construction Management, Cost and Planning Control, Quantity Surveying, Safety and Health Coordination. It relies also on the staff and abilities of its subsidiaries:

  • Structural engineering: performed internally
  • MEP engineering: FTI sa
  • Fluid Mechanics: AirSR sprl
  • Hotel architecture: DAE bvba
Academic activities, research & development:

Staff members are involved in architectural and professional organisations, as well as academic and R&D activities including teaching, research and development.


Philippe SAMYN and PARTNERS sprl is an administrator of SECO scrl, Technical Control Bureau for Construction, as well as PLAIN-PIED asbl, a consulting office in the field of accessibility for the disabled.

Built references:

Among its projects as of 2017-05-01, the firm has built and is currently building or designing over 6 858 351 sqm of development, of which:

477 007 sqm stations, terminals, transport and parking, bridges and civil engineering works.
275 364 sqm industrial buildings,
1 291 263 sqm public facilities, schools and universities, sports and cultural facilities.
275 471 sqm research centres and laboratories.
2 303 409 sqm office spaces : new,
389 116 sqm office spaces : refurbished,
98 906 sqm office spaces : interior fit-out, including 64 bank offices.
313 321 sqm exhibition and commercial spaces, energy renovation,seminary rooms, auditoriums and performance facilities, museums and cultural centres.
595 095 sqm hospital buildings, health centre or veterinary buildings,
694 161 sqm residential buildings (hotels, restaurants and guest houses, apartment and housing units, private houses).


On 2016-12-31, the company has a 44,01 equivalent of full time architects and engineers, (of which 11 directing partners on 2017-12-18), and the group is composed of 64,74 full time equivalents.


The firm’s office space occupies 2 500 sqm with a car park for 30 vehicles on a 31,5 ares plot of land. The offices are equipped with 100 potential workplaces, conference rooms, libraries, a printing centre and a classroom. All projects are designed with Revit since 2016.01.01 and managed on 54 CAD workstations and 11 administrative workstations.

Basic financial data 2016-12-31:

Issued capital (cancelled): 500 000 €. Moreover the company owns fixed assets of a purchasing value of 3 882 635 € which are in perfect condition of use. The annual accounts are certified by the statutory auditors HLB Dupont Koevoets since 1986 and became RSM InterAudit since 2006-04-01.

Professional liability insurance:

Capital per damage of 7 001 800 € (2017) by PROTECT (1st rank) and ARCO (2nd rank). Posteriority fees paid by anticipation.

Certifications & Labels:

The company owns the following certification labels:

ISO 9001: 2008 since 2000-02-14 (last renewal: 2015-01-27), ISO 14001: 2004 since 2007-12-17 (last renewal: 2016-12-09), VALIDEO since 2009-06-24 (last renewal: 2014-11-23), Eco-dynamic company 2* delivered by the Brussels Institute for Environmental Management since 2010-10-05 (nr 2001/048/1; 1* since 2001-12-20).


Partners: Philippe Samyn, Denis Mélotte, Antonio Quiñones, Ghislain André, Johan Van Rompaey, Jacques Ceyssens, Quentin Steyaert, Benedetto Calcagno, André Charon, Åsa Decorte and Mehdi Chtourou.

Associate Partner: Radu Somfelean.


All the records of the company and Philippe Samyn (including 403 models as of 2017.06.08) have been delegated to the State Archives of Belgium and are available for consultation.



Document E21-01-02_GB Issue of 2017-12-18.

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