design approach

The project process is a constant strive to assimilate in an optimal way the large number of diverse factors to be taken into consideration, and to integrate them in such a way as to increase the architectural coherence of the project.

Designing consists in making use of the many new understandings in the field of materials, ecology, structures. In the first place, Samyn and Partners aims to conceive intelligible and relevant constructions that transform complexity into clarity. The making of buildings is and remains the art of building : a captivating process through which one continuously seeks to situate a particular building act into a broader theoretical research.

Since the Renaissance, models have played an important part in the means used by the architect to communicate with his commissioner. Models are furthermore an appropriate medium to study and control the three-dimensional constitution of a project.

The making of models is a work-intrinsic activity that is really necessary to master the many aspects of the project. Since its creation, Samyn and Partners has put great care into the production of models. The offices owns a large collection of them, a consistant ensemble displaying in a straighforward manner the research and evolution of the practice.

Even in this time of many possibilities offered by computer simulations, Samyn and Partners continues to see models as an important articulation in the development of projects. Models provide an additional security in the testing of what is intended to be built.

Document E21-08-07_EN Issue of 2013-06-21

design approachFilippo Aimo