projects selection for years

  • C.P.A.S

    413-A Childcare Centre and Welfare office _ C.P.A.S.

  • Thieu

    412-Service Station, Thieu rest area

  • multilevel

    410-Construction of an auditorium in a multilevel car park

  • ziekenhuis

    409-Akademisch ziekenhuis (AZ)

  • college

    407-Erasmus College

  • Mannekensvere

    402-Totalfina – Service Stations in Mannekensvere

  • Jan de Nul

    401-Extension to the headquarters of Jan de Nul

  • Limburg

    400-Auditorium for the Limburg Provincial College

  • Delhaize

    394-1-Market for Delhaize – De Leeuw

  • space

    393-The new headquarters of the Italian Space Agency

  • Arenberg

    391-Campus Arenberg Research and Technology

  • Outskirts

    390 – House in the Outskirts of Brussels

  • canopy

    389-NMBS Train Station Canopy

  • Hellebecq

    386-Totalfina Belgium – Service Stations and Restaurant

  • Henriquez

    382-Puente Henriquez

  • immobilière

    379-Office Building for Compagnie Immobiliere de Wallonie

  • dialogue

    376-Museum of the dialogue (Catholic University of Louvain)

  • ENI

    375-ENI Headquarters

  • checkpoint-contrôle

    374-Reception and checkpoint – Fina Research

  • Fire Station Houten-Caserne Houten

    373-Fire Station Houten

  • Froyennes

    370-Fina Europe – service station – Froyennes

  • Canal

    368-Offices building for Canal Properties n.v.

  • Leie

    366-Bridge over the Leie

  • Orival service station

    365-Fina Europe: Service Stations – Orival

  • tower

    364-1-Central Tower

  • Houten

    363-Fina Europe: Service Station – Houten

  • chilian

    362-New Headquarters of the Chilian Social Security

  • Procter & Gamble


  • multi-level-hospital-car-park-parking-universitaire-Liège

    355-Hospital multi-level car park

  • Groenhof

    352-Castle Groenhof

  • Holiday

    351-Holiday fund of construction

  • Fina

    345-Fina Europe: service station in Louvain-La-Neuve

  • Ministry

    344-Office building for the Walloon Region Ministry

  • Smithkline

    343-New Headquarters of Smithkline Beecham Biological s.a.

  • chemical

    335-Chemical Technological resources center


  • ring

    330-Brussels Exhibition Centre – Porte Ring Project

  • orangery-orangerie

    329-Orangery of the Seneffe Castle

  • Crachet-technical-centre-forum-scientifique-et-technique

    327-Crachet technical centre

yearsFilippo Aimo