03-Isobars and Isonodes


(1975); (03-ISOBAR).

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The research carried out involves the conception of forms for structures made of one or two layer reticulated membranes, having a minimum of different components.

The first family of spatial patterns concerned, called ” Isobarres “, is derived from the deformation of hypostatic regular or semi-regular plane tilings of which every bar has the same length.

The second, more limited family of spatial patterns conceived, called “Isonodes”, is identifiable by its three-dimensional nodes which are identical but for one degree of discrepancy.

Main Bibliography:
  • SECOND INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SPACE STRUCTURE, University of Surrey, Guilford, England, 1975, Proceedings, pp.621-634 ; (England).

(1975); (03-ISOBAR).


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