On Monday, October 10, the offices of Philippe Samyn and Partners welcomed the public of the Artonov Festival who had come in large numbers to discover the performance created by the artist Ofer Smilansky, specially dedicated to our workplace, our Stassart farmhouse, restored and transformed into offices 30 years ago.
‘Memory of a Place’ is an audiovisual performance for voice, cello, electronics, 2 lasers, diffused lights and mist. The work is dedicated to the architecture of the offices of Philippe Samyn and Partners, the piece summons the memory of the place through light, sound and movement: what it was and what it is now but also what he could be, what he could become. The luminous and musical composition evokes the passage of time, with the deteriorations and transformations it entails. Waves of sound and rays of light expose layers of memory.
We are delighted that such a work could come to life in our house.
With Ofer Smilansky, Pauline Dutilleul and Jean Paul Dessy.
Copyright picture : Olivia Droeshaut © DYOD